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Hospital or mini-mall? The growing importance of retail space in hospital settings

No one wants to spend time in a hospital. But if you do, it’s nice if there’s a coffee shop or a restaurant – not just a cafeteria – inside the building, a place to take a break when visiting patients. And what about the nurses, doctors, administrators and orderlies working in these buildings? Wouldn’t they like the option to take their on-site meals at a specialty restaurant instead of a standard cafeteria?

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Construction costs rise as companies compete for enviable office build-outs

Out of major metro areas, Chicago has the fifth highest construction costs, according to a report from JLL. National trends such as rising costs for materials and pockets of labor shortages only add zeros to the bottom line. But for companies battling it out to attract the best employees, rising construction costs are worth it when you end up with an impressive, enviable workspace.