Association of Industrial Real Estate launches Emerging Leaders program

The Association of Industrial Real Estate Brokers (AIRE) announced a series of initiatives to attract and acknowledge the role of emerging leaders in the industrial sector.

AIRE will launch its Emerging Leaders program for potential new members with a networking event taking place Oct. 6, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on the rooftop of ZED451, 739 N. Clark St., in Chicago. The association also announced that nominations for its prestigious Frank Mahoney Award, which was established more than 25 years ago to acknowledge young members of the association, are due this week.

“New membership and youth are the lifeblood of any organization,” said Mike Prost of NGKF and the 2016 President of AIRE.  “By establishing an emerging leaders program for young professionals in the industry, we engage prospective future members early in their careers to make sure they are successful.”

The Emerging Leaders networking and kickoff event will feature complimentary cocktails and appetizers, and more information about the Emerging Leaders program.

Adam Marshall of NGKF and vice president of AIRE, said the AIRE Board of Directors is seeking nominations for the Frank Mahoney Award of Excellence, which is given annually to members, or pending member inductees, with five years or less experience who embody the core values of AIRE.

“This coveted award is given annually to a rising star in our industry that exemplifies the principles and character of our organization,” Marshall, the recipient of the 2008 award., said.

The award honors the memory of Frank Mahoney who impacted the industrial real estate community in the 1870s and 1980s, and is remembered for his great service, advocated vigorously for his clients, and practiced professionalism in his work product and in how he dealt with others.  The Frank Mahoney Award recognizes strong ethical conduct, high standards, and overall contributions to the industry. In 2015, AIRE celebrated the 25th anniversary of the award.

“Frank Mahoney truly represented the qualities of an AIRE broker and the core principles of our organization which are ethics, education and cooperation,” Marshall said.

Leading the direction for AIRE’s Emerging Leaders program are board members Cal Payne of CBRE, Adam Marshall of NGKF, Brendan Green of Colliers, Adam Tarantur of Podolsky|Circle CORFAC International and Mike Maggliano of Cushman & Wakefield.

Payne noted that during and immediately following the recession, young people weren’t driven to positions in industrial real estate. But as market conditions greatly improved, the numbers of young industrial professionals has been increasing. Payne estimates there are between 75 and 100 young industrial professionals with five or less years of experience who are not currently active in AIRE.

“It’s advantageous to reach out to young professionals and bring them into the organization as early in their careers as possible,” Payne said. “Through the emerging leaders program, we’ll be able to help young professionals network and gain valuable insights from those who have been a part of the organization.  And, the Frank Mahoney Award sets the standard for conduct and gives them something to work toward”