Byrne & Jones Construction opens office in Ohio community

Ben Traetow

One of the Midwest’s largest asphalt paving contractors has opened a new office in Columbus, Ohio. St. Louis-based Byrne & Jones Construction is a diversified Midwest civil site contractor serving clients through divisions that include asphalt, concrete, sports, soil stabilization and micro-surfacing.

The firm is serving facility managers and property owners in the greater Columbus area with asphalt paving, concrete and pavement maintenance services. Projects will include school districts, colleges, retail, healthcare, office, municipal entities and other institutions. Byrne & Jones currently employs eight people in its Columbus office with plans to growth that number to 20 in the next 12 months.

The new Byrne & Jones office is located at 5730 Hayden Run Rd in Hillard, Ohio. It is managed by Columbus native Ben Traetow.

“Columbus is a vibrant community and a great place to grow our asphalt and concrete teams,” said Traetow. “It’s also exciting to return to my home town and see the great changes Columbus is making.”

Traetow has a degree in construction systems management from The Ohio State University.

Byrne & Jones will celebrate the 45th anniversary of its founding next year. In 2019, it reported record revenues building and maintaining parking lots, roads and highways and other paved surfaces. It also builds and maintains athletic fields, running tracks, tennis courts and underground drainage systems. The firm has built and managed projects in 14 states, including Ohio.

While Covid-19 has slowed some construction projects, Traetow noted that Byrne & Jones has established safety protocols to protect its workforce and keep projects moving.

“We reacted quickly to the pandemic, getting personal protective gear, on-site hand washing, hand sanitizers, and safety education to our workforce,” said Traetow.

Traetow also noted that with buildings and properties idled during the pandemic, routine maintenance and new construction is more convenient and efficient to complete.