Counselor Realty welcomes new director of growth and development

Counselor Realty, an agent-owned and Minneapolis-based real estate company, announced that it has hired Nick Dreher as its new director of growth and development. In his new role, Dreher will be charged with re-energizing the Counselor brand both internally as a culture leader and externally as a brand ambassador and to strengthen the firm’s profile in the Minnesota and Wisconsin real estate market.

“We are very excited to welcome Nick to the Counselor family where he will be a perfect fit,” said Andy Barnes, CEO and president of Counselor Realty of Minnesota and Wisconsin. “Nick has built strong relationships with many of our agents already and they are extremely energized to have him join our team.”

Dreher said that Counselor’s business model and commitment to its agents is what drew him to the new position. “I am so excited to tell the Counselor story and delineate what sets us apart from others in the industry,” said Dreher. “I am thrilled to begin rejuvenating the Counselor Realty brand in a number of ways.”

Dreher added that the unique co-op approach Counselor takes was one of many reasons he came onboard. “This business model is unmatched in the Twin Cities and nobody knows about it,” he said. “By building the brand we hope to show customers and prospective agents how unique and rewarding being a part of Counselor can be.”

For Dreher, who most recently worked in the mortgage industry, joining Counselor was something he had thought about for some time.“In my past positions, I could see the challenges Counselor had, but I wasn’t quite close enough to provide the support and skills I have,” he said. “This opportunity matches my skill set and a desire to return this company to a visible leader in the local real estate market. With a renewed commitment to culture, education, innovation and good old fashioned customer service, we have all the components of success.”