Draper and Kramer receives 2020 Private Company Board of the Year Award

Todd Bancroft

The board of directors of Draper and Kramer, Incorporated has been recognized with a 2020 Private Company Board of the Year Award, honoring excellence in corporate governance. Conferred by Private Company Director, Directors and Boards and Family Business magazines, the award spotlights private company boards that go above and beyond legal governance requirements and serve stakeholders through best practices in their structure and performance.

“As a fifth-generation, family-owned company, Draper and Kramer owes part of its success over the past 127 years to the expertise and strategic input of our board,” said Todd Bancroft, president and CEO. “The perspective of our board members not only helps us stay at the forefront of our industry, but also provides valuable guidance as we continue to grow and evolve while remaining true to the traditions and values on which the company was founded. As a member of the board as well as the CEO of Draper and Kramer, I can tell you they’ve enriched my thinking in numerous ways, and I’m so pleased our board members have been recognized with this honor.”

Among other things, the award cited Draper and Kramer’s board for providing counsel and suggesting benchmarks that improved company performance and for helping increase family engagement. Draper and Kramer is family owned, and the board is majority independent, with six independent members and three family members serving, in addition to the company’s CEO.

“The board is extremely proud of this award and thanks the publishers for this acknowledgement of our work,” said Stephen P. Miller, board chairman. “Draper and Kramer has a rich and dynamic history, and it’s a pleasure to play a guiding role for the firm through governance strategies that align business, family and ownership goals. Our success is typically measured in the outcomes achieved by following those strategies, but it’s also gratifying to be honored in this way for our contributions.”