Lake County Board appoints Robert Glueckert as Chief County Assessor

At its recent meeting, the Lake County, Illinois board announced the appointment of Robert (Bob) S. Glueckert as the Chief County Assessor. He is replacing Martin Paulson, who retired after 28 years of service to the County on May 13.

Glueckert is a certified Illinois assessment officer, who served as the Avon Township Assessor in 2011. Additionally, Glueckert served as a Lake County board of review member from 2009 through 2011 and was appointed again in 2018. He is also a practicing real estate broker.

“We are very happy that Bob has accepted the appointment to be the Chief County Assessor,” said Lake County board chair Sandy Hart. “He understands the needs and the role of township assessors, and the technical challenges of the office. I am confident that Bob will excel in working with staff, enhancing taxpayer communication and improving our service.”

The Chief County Assessment Office (CCAO) serves the public, providing property owners with easily accessible information about property assessments. The CCAO recently led an effort with the Lake County Treasurer’s and County Clerk’s offices, along with Lake County Information Technology to launch, which makes the County’s property tax information searchable and easy to find for anyone.