Luxury Living Chicago Realty expands leasing and marketing staff

Luxury Living Chicago Realty announced new hires to support its growing leasing business. Jeff Schwedel joined as portfolio leasing manager overseeing a number of the company’s larger properties. Allison Roberts, Ashley Lastres and Teddy Marrufo joined as leasing managers from high-profile multifamily companies. Kerry Blankshain joined as lease process coordinator while Mabel Valera joined as lead intake specialist.

Supporting Luxury Living Chicago’s marketing efforts, Katie Dickemann joined as marketing manager to support new engagements. Sabrina Wottreng joined as public relations consultant to bolster the firm’s full-service marketing offerings.

“As we continue to have strong year-over-year growth, it was time to add additional support to our marketing and leasing teams,” said Aaron Galvin, Luxury Living Chicago Realty CEO and co-Founder. “Multifamily is a growing asset class with over 4,000 new apartments anticipated to be delivered before year’s end. Traditional methods of leasing up these buildings are less effective in today’s highly competitive luxury apartment market. This is why we have doubled down on expanding our marketing and leasing teams to create a seamless experience for prospective renters.”

New marketing and leasing engagements include River City Apartments, The Apartments at Lincoln Common, No. 508, Spoke, Germain House, K Square, Logan Apartments and The Field’s Lofts. In addition to the marketing, operations and client success teams, the brokerage firm has over 30 leasing specialists and real estate brokers helping renters and buyers find their next home.