Minneapolis’ Kraus-Anderson hires facilities assessment manager

Minneapols-based Kraus-Anderson has hired Tim Kittila to serve in the new position of facilities assessment manager. Kittila will oversee the company’s growing consulting initiative, which helps building owners gather insight and data on existing facilities systems and conditions.

Kittila will work with clients to deliver a detailed facility condition assessment, which identifies current building status, existing needs and gaps, such as deferred maintenance items and overall asset management. The facility condition assessment will then prioritize and budget the given recommendations and remediation needs.

KA provides facilities assessments in all industries, including healthcare, housing, government, commercial and education. KA assessments are a comprehensive review, which include all aspects of a working/operating facility such as substructure, envelop, interiors, MEP, building site work equipment, technology as well as other systems.

The assessment team also works closely with the preconstruction and MEP/Building Science groups to develop concepts, review existing facilities and build various budgets. Bringing those teams into the process early identifies unknown project costs and associated risks, and provides optimum overall quality control and quality assurance.

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