SVP with Cleveland’s NRP Group named chair of affordable housing group

Debra Guerrero

Debra Guerrero, senior vice president of strategic partnerships and government affairs with Cleveland-The NRP Group has been appointed to serve as chairwoman of the National Association of Home Builders Affordable Housing Group.

NRP Group is a developer, builder and manager of multifamily housing.

The Affordable Housing Group strives to build expertise in affordable housing policy, with a focus on 4% and 9% low-income housing tax credit development financing.

Guerrero will lead the Affordable Housing Group in its efforts to advocate for improvements to policies and legislation impacting affordable housing on behalf of developers, builders and other associates, and to address issues directly affecting construction of affordable housing.

As Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Government Affairs, Guerrero has expertise in the organizational and financing structures involved in all aspects of public/private partnerships, as well as the intricacies, rules and regulations involved in working with local, state and federal legislative and executive agencies.

She is an accomplished leader in the affordable housing industry and serves as the Chair of the Multifamily Council of the Texas Association of Builders (TAB). Guerrero is the Immediate Past President of the Texas Association of Affordable Housing Providers (TAAHP) and was the 2022 recipient of the Jean W. MacDonald Affordable Housing Lifetime Achievement Award.