Swimming with the Black Swan: Commercial Real Estate Markets in a Pandemic Economy

Odeta Kushi

On October 20th CREW Chicago hosted a zoom luncheon event to hear the unique perspectives of experienced economists on the adjustments and potential opportunities created during the on going pandemic. The event titled “Swimming with the Black Swan: Commercial Real Estate Markets in a Pandemic Economy” was focused on gaining insight from three professional economists.

Benjamin Tal

Odeta Kushi Deputy Chief Economist at First American Financial Corporation was able to share her experience and knowledge that she has gained from the analysis, commentary and forecasts she works on that focus on real estate and mortgage markets. Benjamin Tal Deputy Chief Economist at CIBC Capital Markets provided a view from his work regarding the recent trends in labor market dynamics, real estate and current credit markets. Emi Adachi Senior Vice President and Deputy Director at North American Investment Research lent her dynamic voice and expertise in the analysis demographic and technological trends and their impact on real estate investment strategy and portfolio construction.

Emi Adachi

Each speaker gave insightful data to help understand and navigate potential opportunities in the market. CREW Chicago is grateful for the valuable knowledge this team shared and all the participants gained worthwhile information on the future potential in Commercial Real Estate as the world adjusts to the pandemic.