Two new associates join Essex Realty Group team

Chicago-based Essex Realty Group, Inc. announced the hiring of two new associate team members, Justine Pomierski and Reuben Blackman.

Pomierski will serve as an associate working for the team led by principals Jim Darrow and Jordan Gottlieb. She will focus on asset evaluation, market research and transaction analysis. Prior to joining Essex, Pomierski worked at Centaur Construction as the human resources associate. She graduated from Indiana University, earning a B.A. in journalism with a concentration on public relations.

Blackman also serves as an associate working for the team led by principal Steven Livaditis. His primary focus is on market research, asset valuation and database management. Prior to accepting his position with Essex, he interned as a financial analyst for North Park Ventures, where his role was to help construct their underwriting model. Blackman graduated from DePaul University, earning a B.A. in public relations and advertising, along with a minor in real estate.