CBRE’s Todd Lippman talks family plans, upcoming events, and being on the big screen

In a recent interview, Illinois Real Estate Journal caught up with CBRE Vice Chairman, Todd Lippman. While the father-of-two opened up about what’s been new around the office, where he’s going for his birthday, and what he spends 100 percent of his time doing, he also revealed what his plans were if real estate hadn’t worked out. Let’s just say it involves less management responsibilities, and more lights, camera, action.

Illinois Real Estate Journal: What does your position as vice chairman entail?Todd Lippman: Although the title, vice chairman, implies some form of management responsibilities, it is an honorary title and I am spending 100% of my time representing clients.

IREJ: How did you get started working in CRE?TD: I started at Rubloff in 1988-1989 and formed Goldie B. Wolfe & Company in 1989; we subsequently merged with Insignia in 1998 and with CB Richard Ellis in 2003.  I started in real estate because I had a passion for it and wanted a job that was exciting where each day would be different.

IREJ: What is it about the industry that you enjoy?TD: I truly love what I do and love working with my clients and colleagues.

IREJ: Is there a moment during your years in RE that has stood out?TD: It is very hard to pinpoint one particular experience, however, finalizing the Bridgestone HQ project in Nashville was very rewarding.  The Bridgestone team cared so much about the impact of the relocation on their employees and I wanted to make sure everything went perfectly. The project was very complex and included labor, workplace, incentives, brokerage, consulting, capital markets, project management, move management, change management, etc.  The resources we have at CBRE have played, and will continue to play, a huge role in the success of the project and I can’t wait until they move into their new HQ in 2017.

IREJ: What has CBRE been up recently?TD: We just recently moved into our new Workplace 360 office at 321 N. Clark and are celebrating our 40th anniversary in Chicago by partnering with Chicago Cares to commission a commemorative mural that will be installed along the Chicago RiverWalk across from our office.

IREJ: Finish the sentence: “When I’m not at work…”TD: I love to be with my family and to golf.

IREJ: As a family man, what are you most proud of?TD: I think my greatest accomplishments are being a good father and husband.

IREJ: Looking forward to anything coming up?TD: Chicago Ideas Week is a great event that we sponsor and is in October. I am also on the Board of the Chicago Children’s Museum and the annual gala is coming up and it is always a great event as well. Regarding personal plans I am looking forward to, I turn 50 next July and we are going to Italy to celebrate.

IREJ: One thing you’d like to do that you haven’t already done in your lifetime?TD: Play golf at Augusta.

IREJ: Most interesting fact about yourself?TD: My back up plan if real estate didn’t work was to be an actor. Thank God real estate worked out!