CEO of Community Builders of Kansas City retiring

Art Chaudry is retiring as chief executive officer of Community Builders of Kansas City, the Kansas City, Missouri, area’s largest urban core developer. Chaudry has been with the organization eight years.

“With the recent completion of a new exciting and expansive strategic plan and the development of a succession plan by the board, I felt it was the right time to retire and transition the leadership of the organization to the next generation of leaders,” said Chaudry, in a statement. “A strong, dedicated and talented team is in place to continue the rich and important impact of Community Builders of Kansas City.”

Chaudry joined Swope Community Builders in April 2010 as its chief operating officer. He was promoted to become the president and CEO in January 2014, concurrently assuming the duties of president of Swope Community Enterprises as it restructured and spun off Swope Health Services and consolidated its operations. He successfully responded to the challenging times to carve out a new identity for one of the oldest and most successful community development organizations in Kansas City.

CBKC has built a strong portfolio of high-performing retail, commercial and residential assets primarily focused on serving the unmet needs in the urban core. A balance sheet of $85 million has been created and a community transformed.

A thriving campus where its flagship offices, institutions and shopping center are located is the crown jewel that is embraced by the many neighborhoods that surround it, providing a range of products and services. It also has become a hub for many not-for-profits that deliver critical services for the community.