Coldwell Banker’s Debbie Hymen earns marketing specialist, buyer specialist certifications

Coldwell Banker realtor, Debbie Hymen, is now a relocation expert. She recently achieved two specialized certifications: The Cartus Network Marketing Specialist (CNMS) certification and the Cartus Network Buyer Specialist (CNBS) certification.

According to Coldwell Banker sources, the CNMS certification is an annual certificate that’s part of the Certified Agent Advantage program, a professional standard available exclusively to principal brokers of the Cartus Broker Network — the network of real estate brokers serving the clients and customers of Cartus.

Cartus requires qualified network agents to become certified as relocation experts by participating in one or more Certified Agent Advantage courses and passing a written exam upon completion. The CNMS Certification course in which Debbie Hymen participated, taught the agent best practices for marketing a client’s home, methods for efficient administration, and aspects of the Amended Sale Program and the Broker Market Analysis.

In addition, Debbie Hymen received the Cartus Network Buyer Specialist (CNBS) certification, a course in which Hymen participated in, covering issues surrounding the purchase of a destination home, as well as the most effective techniques for helping clients research communities, locate their new homes, and settle into their new areas of the United States.