Kansas City’s Copaken Brooks, CBC Real Estate Group complete merger

Bill Crandall

In early 2022, Kansas City, Missouri-based Copaken Brooks and CBC Real Estate Group formed a strategic alliance. The two companies formally merged their organizations as of January 1 of this year.

The two long-time Kansas City commercial real estate companies agreed to strategically align and purse real estate development and owner’s representative projects.

“The Copaken Brooks and CBC merger increases principal-level bandwidth for development projects and expands Owner’s Representative and Third-party Development expertise,” Jon Copaken and Bill Crandall said in a joint statement.

Crandall will join as a Principal alongside Jon Copaken, Keith Copaken, and Bucky Brooks. In December of 2021, Bill Crandall assumed sole ownership of CBC Real Estate Group, buying out his former partners and is the only member joining Copaken Brooks.

Principals of Copaken Brooks and CBC have a proven track record of working together on projects for nearly 15 years. While each firm can successfully provide these services, the combination of deep experience will have a multiplier effect, ensuring the maximum benefit for Copaken Brooks’ and CBC’s clients.