Old Republic shuffles senior executive ranks

Old Republic International Corporation (ORI) announced several changes in its senior executive ranks effective October 1, 2019. Craig Smiddy, ORI’s president and chief operating officer, will assume the position of president and chief executive officer following the retirement of R. Scott Rager and Aldo C. Zucaro. Smiddy will concurrently join the board of directors and its executive committee.

Rager, the company’s executive vice chairman, will retire effective October 1, 2019, following a most successful 40-year career with the company and several subsidiaries. Zucaro, who is currently chairman and CEO of the company, will retire as chief executive officer. He will continue as chairman of the board and its executive committee.

In making the announcement, the board of directors expressed its deep appreciation for Rager’s many years of active service and for Zucaro’s 25 years of service as chief executive officer. It has every confidence that the continuity of long-established governance and operating practices will lead to an orderly passage of executive responsibilities to Smiddy as the sixth CEO in ORI’s 95-year history.