Brown Commercial Group negotiates industrial building sale in all-women transaction

Brown Commercial Group has negotiated an industrial building sale in Batavia that is significant not only because it represents business growth, but also because all of the parties involved were female. The broker and attorneys, along with the buyer and seller, were all female professionals. This is a rarity in the male dominated field of commercial real estate.

Brown Commercial Group Broker Maria McNeil represented both the sellers, Debbie and Kristie Dodge of The Dodge Co., and the buyer, Komal Chaudari of Komal’s Passion Leather, in the 13,055-square-foot transaction at 1550 Beach Street, Batavia, IL, in Chicago’s western suburbs.

“This was a unique transaction due to the complexity of the sale and the fact that every person involved was female,” McNeil said. “It’s refreshing to see so much female talent in the business world, and to be able to contribute to their success with my experience in the commercial real estate industry, which historically has been dominated by male brokers.”

McNeil notes that this experience reflects a shift in the industry and the overall business community. “I’m seeing more opportunity today for women to not only enter the commercial real estate industry, but also take leadership roles,” she said. “Many are also advising women business owners, who account for a growing segment of the business community.”

Brown Commercial Group has three female commercial real estate brokers and a female office manager as part of its 11-person team. This represents 36% of their workforce. 

The building at 1550 Beach Street is a one-story brick building that was built in 1992 and includes three dock doors and one drive in door. The buyer plans to use the space to expand its hand-made leather business. The company previously was located in a building in West Chicago, IL. 

The seller’s attorney was Lora Matthews Fausett of the Law Offices of Lora Matthews Fausett in Glen Ellyn, IL. The buyer’s attorney was Gabrielle A. Gosselin of Gosselin Law, based in Batavia.