Milwaukee’s Wangard Partners creates new board of directors

Milwaukee-based Wangard Partners recently announced its long-term succession plan, which includes emerging leaders who will take on key roles in the company. The plan also creates a new board of directors.

“Our Wangard organization is incredibly talented, and I’m thrilled to announce the promotion of these leaders, who, along with the entire Wangard organization, will steer the company toward success for years to come,” said Stu Wangard, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Wangard Partners.

Matt Moroney will serve as president and chief operating officer of Wangard. In this position, Moroney will draw on his strength and experience of collaborating with and unifying diverse groups of individuals and organizations.

Burton Metz will expand his role to serve as president of investments and acquisitions and will continue to spearhead and innovate critical aspects of the business and drive new opportunities for investors and partners.

Wangard Partners also announced the formation of a board of directors to help guide the company’s future. In addition to continuing to serve as chief operating officer, Stu Wangard will be chairman of the board of directors, which will also include Matt Moroney, Burton Metz and Kyle Dieringer.