Ryan Hesch appointed as president, CEO of ML Realty Partners

ML Realty has appointed Ryan Hesch to be the President and Chief Executive Officer. Hesch has been elected to the Board of Directors as well.

Hesch will be promoted from his current position of senior vice president and has been with the company for 14 years.

Mike Luecht, ML Realty founder and current CEO, will retire and remain on the Board of Directors going forward.

“In 2001, when the company was founded, the goal was to become a respected and successful real estate operating company who had their clients and their investors best interests driving the company every day,” Luecht said in a statement. “Our leadership team over the years accomplished that for sure as ML Realty Partners has become one of the leading investors and developers of industrial real estate. With Ryan and the rest of the leadership team taking the company forward from here, that same core commitment will be there as well as the continued passion for more growth.”